Section Eight – School Improvement Project

For the final section of this course, you are required to complete a whole school improvement project.

Your project be presented to SLT at different stages throughout the programme and will require you to complete a 3000 word write up and evaluation.

To support you with the completion of your project, you will be assigned a coach who will meet with you regularly.

The impact project that you complete will be the main form of evaluation for how successful you have been.

Within this section you will have the opportunity to lead and implement a whole school impact project that will provide you with valuable experience for the future.

Please contact the same senior leader who you discussed your questionnaire with, and book in a meeting. This meeting will help you to identify the key area you would like to focus on for your impact project.

The senior leader will support you in identify the underpinning theory to begin your research and the overall implementation of your project.

You will need to set up weekly meetings to discuss the progress being made and set a date to present your ideas to the Senior Leadership Team.

Further details can be discussed during your meeting.